About GPBuddy.Co.Uk

GPBuddy.co.uk is the first comprehensive online directory of private Consultants in London created by GPs for doctors and healthcare professionals. Designed by Dr. Simon Curtis, Dr. Philip Nichols, Dr Shane McKeogh and Dr Darach O Ciardha, all practising doctors themselves, it is fast becoming the most powerful medical directory in everyday clinical practice.

GPBuddy.co.uk's user friendly online medical directory helps GPs find the medical professionals and services they require as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Of particular use to GPs in making more focused referrals to their Consultant colleagues on behalf of their patients is the comprehensive information on areas of Special Interest of the Consultants listed.

Although we do our very best to ensure that every detail published on our website is 100% accurate, we cannot guarantee it. This is because details like addresses and phone numbers change from time to time. We update our website as soon as we are made aware of any changes to any details of the healthcare professionals listed. 

Using GPBuddy.co.uk is 100% FREE for GPs. To help us pay our bills, we are supported by the healthcare professionals and other clients who wish to advertise to GPs. Consultants and other healthcare professionals can also use GPBuddy.co.uk.

It is FREE to list basic information about your private practice and to use GPBuddy.co.uk yourself to search for Consultant colleagues in London. You can also enhance your listing to provide GPs with more information about yourself and your practice for £ 149 per annum.

We are constantly improving GPBuddy.co.uk and we encourage you to contact us with suggestions on how to improve the site or if you encounter any bugs or problems. Please email us at support@gpbuddy.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.